Apologies and Excuses for Missing Trump Second Term

Days after the election results came in, and in recent days after the election results certification, certain prophets have come out publicly to give what I will describe as “excuses” for why they were wrong. Others simply said that the second term for Donald Trump was predicated on the saints praying and supporting the president and because that did not happen, Trump has lost his second Term. Another said the second term was conditional on Trump fulfilling certain things, and in the absence of that, there would be no second term. One high-profile Prophet that I did not know of until recently actually rendered a public apology claiming some of his visions were spiritual, but others may have been soulish. He claims Trump has lost the 2020 election because of his pride and arrogance. The import is God would rather have the godless rule instead of a man who consistently during his presidency is on record for championing Christo-centric, biblical value laden government policies and actions — because of Trump’s temperament. How myopic do some of these people think the Almighty God is? Was God unaware of this temperament before selecting him the first time? What picture of God are they painting for their followers? If Jesus walked the earth today and called the religious leaders older than him vipers, white washed tombs and custom-made whips and whipped those trading in the temples, I suspect some of these same prophets would have called him prideful and arrogant and would have used that as a basis for his crucifixion. No Trump is not Jesus. And he may very well be arrogant. That is a disposition of the heart — not something seen externally.

All the above conduct — excuses, cop outs, apologies etc. — are quite disheartening and in no way glorifies Christ or magnifies, as Apostle Paul would say, the office of a Prophet. Rather it casts doubt and many questions in the minds of young believers. It will be not surprising that some of these excuses will lead to depression and, unfortunately, turning away from the faith or wariness at the Office.

This piece is my reconciliation of all the above. I wrote it in response to a question I was asked about the above. After writing it, I decided to share it. My hope is that it would help somebody. God knows my heart. I love and respect the office of the prophet and honor them. This is in no way an attack but an attempt to bring balance and share my thoughts as I believe led by Holy Ghost and the written word.

Spiritual Malpractice

How can a prophet say they clearly heard God and then come and apologize publicly if it does not come to pass as they supposed it would? It means you never heard from God, or you used your flesh and not the Holy Spirit to interpret what was shown or heard. This is spiritual malpractice. Here is one example of such spiritual malpractice.

I have been quite surprised and disappointed at apologies and excuses being made by some prophets. It makes Christianity a laughable thing. Either God reveals his will and/or speaks to Prophets, or he doesn’t. If some are apologizing, then that means they may have succumbed to the mistake of Prophet Samuel and Apostle Peter. Even then, the rebuke came from God, and there was no need for Samuel to do what some are doing now by publishing public messages of apology. It may have a semblance of humility, but actually, it’s an opposite spirit.

Can Prophets Miss It? The Case of Samuel and Peter

Prophet Samuel was a prophet whose words never fell to the ground. He was sent to select the next king, or in our language, the next President of Israel. He had heard rightly that the next president or king would come from the house of Jesse and that he would be a son of Jesse. When he got to the house, he had all the children stand in front of him. At this moment, he switched from the spirit and started using his physical senses and personal bias based on past experience.

The good Prophet, whose words never fell to the ground as he was growing up, missed it this time. Why? He made a mistake some believers make. He relied on past experience and then shifted to the flesh and began evaluating as a man. Peter, in the same chapter where he was commended for hearing the father (Matthew 16), was rebuked for being Satan. This is because one moment, he was abiding in the spirit, and the next, he was living from the flesh.

We get in the way of the Lord when we descend from spirit into the flesh when it comes to evaluating or interpreting spiritual matters. This is precisely what happened to the great Prophet Samuel. A while back, he had been sent to select the previous King of Israel, Saul. Saul had a particular kind of physical stature — “from his shoulders and upward he was higher than any of the people” 1 Samuel 9:2 (KJV).

When Samuel arrived in Jesse’s house, the physical stature of Jesse’s eldest son was similar to that of Saul, so the Prophet operating in the flesh and looking at outward appearance rather than heart presumed that God had selected the eldest. He used physical experience and his physical senses of sight, rather than the Holy Spirit. In Israel also, the firstborn is the one who got the double portion, so the Prophet thought this honor would be given to the firstborn.

See, God’s selection criteria are not based on our personal history or experience, no matter how accurate that experience was in our past. We depend on the Holy Ghost. His criteria are also not connected to our physical senses or the thoughts of men (how men reason or humanistic reasoning from the good side of the tree of knowledge of good and evil).

Peter missed it because he was minding the things of men — looking on outward appearance and outward issues. Rather he should have been minding the thoughts of God and looking at the heart. If anyone wants to judge Donald Trump or any of these apologies and excuses being rendered, they should likewise look inward, not outward, and focus on Holy Ghost.

Prophet Samuel looked at the biggest and the tallest, and he made a selection. God told him, stop using your physical senses to interpret what I have shown you in the realm of the Spirit. Stop using your physical senses to evaluate God’s choice. “Know no man after the flesh” is important to note here.

Jesus’ first coming was also misinterpreted by many of the Jews — Pharisee, Scribes, and Sadducees alike. It is possible to be well versed in scripture and yet make a mess of the reality staring you in the face — even to the point of crucifying the Messiah.

It’s not that the prophecy about his coming was wrong. They expected him to come one way — as a physical conquering King with a physical kingdom to dominate Rome, the colonial master over Israel, and liberate Israel from Rome physically. This was a wrong interpretation of a correct prophecy. His second coming was also wrongfully interpreted and timed by Apostle Paul and many men of God who believed Jesus would come in their lifetime. Each was wrong because they did not tether themselves to the spirit illuminated word.

The point I’m trying to drive home is that the prophetic is such that God can give you a piece of information. And if a vessel the information was given to does not handle that piece of information well, when it comes to interpretation, they will allow their flesh to get in the way, or their partisanship to get in the way, or their evangelical views to get in the way, thus leading to a mistake.

But there is a way God handles such mistakes. It is not to tell prophets to publish to the world their dirty laundry publicly. This way is not the best as it has the potential of making Christianity a laughing stock, not to mention that pattern is shown nowhere in scripture. So yes, Prophets and Apostles can make mistakes when they do not stay in the spirit all the time. It happened to the best of them, including Samuel and Peter.

The Apology, the Excuses in the Light of Scripture

A prophet is the mouthpiece of God. That office should instill confidence and not doubt or double-mindedness. It should also strengthen, encourage, and comfort. Telling the world my prophecy was a lie does not strengthen, encourage, and comfort — but may rather have the opposite effect on believers with weak knowledge and conscience.

Prophets must simply say exactly what they were shown, saw, or heard from God. They are not to read human or fleshly meanings into it. They must have the gift of interpretation (1Co 14:26) to be able to interpret by the Holy Spirit what they received, saw, or heard.

When a “prophet” renders a public apology for missing a prophecy, it has the potential to do more harm than good because it reduces confidence in the office of the Prophet and the fivefold ministry and gives the idea that God’s word may fail on occasion. It tells the hearers not to take the word of prophets seriously because they may be lying.

Timing of Apologies and Excuses

Why did some of these prophets wait until the last minute before apologizing? Is it that they did not know after the election results were counted and only recognized their mistake and error after certification of results? Were they hoping for a miracle? Or did they know they had lied all along? At what point did they recognize this error? These are the sort of questions that an apology and excuses made by prophets bring up in the minds of people, believers and non-believers in Christ.

From the testimony of scripture, never once is there such a precedent where a Prophet who believed they had missed a prophecy come out publicly to apologize. God never gave us such a pattern to follow either. What then could be the motive of these prophets? Is this a save face act? Is it about their reputations? No one can actually tell. But whatever decision we take, we must put the reputation of Christ and His kingdom and His Righteousness front and center. These actions do not promote the name of the kingdom of Christ amongst the unbelievers or believers who read these things.

Democratic Tenets in a Kingdom?

Accountability to the public or the body of Christ is uniquely a democratic idea and not a kingdom one. The two are not the same. Prophets are accountable to the Spirit of God and possibly their spiritual leaders — not the people. If you will be saying something that God has not clearly said, then do not occupy that office. If you are second-guessing yourself, then you are not yet ready. If you cannot separate between that which is clearly spiritual and that which is soulish, then why should you be trusted? The repercussions for such public apologies or excuses once a prophecy has been given on international public platforms are too great for anyone to do trial and error.

Faultlines in the Church

These apologies and excuses are actually not bad but, from a certain perspective, good. Why? It exposes the fault lines in the so-called church. It shows us which of the three armies Prophet Rick Joyner saw in the Call we are in.

I have also heard one Prophet saying God did want to give Trump a second term, but the church did not support him, and that is why Trump will not get a second term. There have been prophets who claim the church should be separated from the state, and there was no need for Christians to support Trump. These are all excuses. No one is saying the Lord said this and that.

The church needs to come up hither — all of us.

Clash of Kingdoms: Trump and the World

I am an international relations student and have studied right to the Ph.D. level and studied it on multiple continents. I can confidently say that no President in modern history has been a champion for Christian values as much as Trump has been in only four years. No one has stood against the march of Globalism and mass avoidable infanticide more than Trump. I will not state them one by one. Any true seeker will know that this man put aside his billions and truly served God — while surrounded by traitors — some in the church (wolves in sheep’s clothing) and some in the world. All the excuses about him not meeting certain conditions should stop.

If you are a believer and understand the difference between Globalism and Nationalism, then you know that what is happening is bigger than Trump. It’s about a clash of two Kingdoms — light and Darkness. This is no time to be pointing fingers or making excuses. We should be holding the line and praying for the God of miracles to act.

If Trump does not get a second term, who loses? Trump is still a billionaire. He gets to go home and rest in any of his resorts around the globe. The USA will descend into liberal madness, but it’s not just the USA. They happen to be the hegemon in the current international system. It’s the world and the poorest of the world who have little influence in the international system who will suffer. We will return to endless wars, coup d’états by the CIA to unseat legitimate governments in the pursuit of a balance of power and destabilization of the globe. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Globalism will rear its ugly head and seek to change times and seasons and hasten the coming of a world order without God.

At present, with Trump in office, the hegemon fights to protect the vulnerable of the world and cut peace accords in the middle-east, the Korean peninsula, and elsewhere. When there is a different driver in the seat of the hegemon who promotes other values, all of these will change, and also, the staunch biblical Christians will suffer persecution. It will begin with laws that are international and anti-biblical such as an international right to abortion.

As we speak, legislations are being drawn to repeal all the laws Trump passed in favor of religious freedom. Laws are being drafted to introduce gender neutrality into language so we cannot use words such as father or mother anymore. The definition of marriage is being contested at the U.N., and the world is just doing what it does best — fighting God and his values.

The U.S. is a hegemon, and the hegemon controls world affairs by influencing actors’ actions within the international system for good or bad. If they fall spiritually, we all bear the consequences.

Is God Done With Donald Trump?

I do not believe that the living God changed his mind about Donald Trump, who has discharged his duties creditably as charged by God through scripture. Using scripture as a standard and the sure word of prophecy, Donald has upheld biblical values and put down values that destroy society. Instead of endless wars, he promoted peace through multiple accords. Many former presidents gave rhetoric about moving an embassy to Jerusalem. Trump did not speak. He did it! He was the first president to speak in pro-life rallies and defund Planned Parenthood. He was the first to come against Big Pharma seeking equitable prices for the ordinary citizen.

Love him or hate him, he promoted Christian values, and God is pleased with Donald if we use the biblical standard to judge and not our religious lenses. The establishment, which includes both Republicans and Democrats will not promote the kingdom of God, but their own ends and means and this is why they need Donald out.

The Hatred For Trump

Let us keep the main thing the main thing. Why do they hate Donald Trump so much? The establishment hates him for a different reason than segments of the public. Those who feed on mainstream media hate him because of the lies they feed on day in and day out. But how about the establishment that engineer what the Mainstream media preaches at their pulpits?

Dr. Chris Oyakhilome rightly deduced that prior to his presidential run, Donald Trump was loved by the media and political elites. He was their darling boy. How did the love turn to hate? It turned to hate because of Trump’s support for Christo-centric values, nationalism, and patriotism, pro-life movements, prayer in school, etc. In short, he is hated because of his affiliation with Judeo-Christians and their values. Donald Trump is not the ultimate target. You, the Christians, and your way of life as stipulated in scripture are. Donald is just standing in their way — -not because of his personage but because of the power at his disposal as the leader of the free world or the driver of the hegemon.

He is hated because he threw a wrench in the forward march on Globalism and canceled funding for international abortion through agencies like Planned Parenthood, and undid a lot of work that the globalists in both parties had fought so hard to achieve over the years. That’s why they hate Donald Trump.

Exposing Faultlines

The current situation in the USA is good because it exposes the church and its weaknesses globally. I am trying to imagine a situation where Kim Clement would render a public apology for a prophecy he gave, and I cannot just think of one. Kim Clement prophesied starting in 2007 about Donald Trump. Many of what he prophesied has been proven true. He prophesied about Donald when no one knew this man would ever become president. Kim accurately prophesied his election. He accurately prophesied the different coup d’état attempts against Trump, including the impeachment, and how it would turn out. He prophesied about the wall that Donald Trump would build and why he was supposed to build it.

But there are not many like Kim — tried and tested whose focus is the Lord and his reputation and not ours. Focus on followership breeds sometimes the fear of man, which brings a noose. There are fault lines in our current conceptualization and living of the Ecclesia, which has been exposed time and again during the four-year presidency of Donald Trump. It’d be great if we can catalogue and address them as a church.

Consequence of not holding the Line

It is not yet the 20th of January, and prophets have already disavowed Donald Trump. Where is faith in the word they claimed to have received about him initially having a second term?

This is the time to hold the line — not for prophets who care about their reputations to come out and make excuses. What about God’s reputation?

Even if Trump does not get a second term, and you prophesied that he would, how does that make you a false prophet? Does the God who created heaven and earth not have the power to change times and seasons or allow a different outcome subject to conditions known only to him? Can he not say something and change his mind like with Hezekiah? I am not saying this is what happened, but I am saying is, some who claim to be prophets need to get a backbone.

The repercussions of their backtracking, double-tongued, apologies are dire. These actions can erode any shred of credibility in Christianity and its supposed leaders in the minds of unbelievers who are watching and even in the minds of some believers who are young in spirit.

Their actions tell people, sometimes we may get it right, and sometimes we may use our flesh, so don’t trust us.

In the U.S., some are afraid that what happened in the elections may affect the confidence people have in the U.S. electoral process. That is a valid concern. The actions of prophets likewise who are apologizing, double-speaking, and back-tracking may have a similar effect on the integrity of Christianity globally, not just in the U.S. Their actions bring the name of Christ in disrepute. Confidence in the office of a prophet and, by extension, the fivefold Offices, in general, will likely be impacted by their conduct. And this is not cool.

My Position

I am not losing faith on the way to January 20, and even after that, I still will not lose faith in the fact the God has a plan for the World and that He chose Donald Trump.

Let us look at some scenarios, and I will round up.

There was a man called Hezekiah, who was the king of Israel. God sent to Hezekiah a prophet to tell him he was about to die. While the Prophet was leaving his house, Hezekiah repented and petitioned God and God canceled his own prophecy and extended days to Hezekiah’s life. The scripture says, “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part.” (1 Corinthians 13:9, KJV). The prophets who had the part that Hezekiah would die but did not have the part where he repented, and God elongated his days would say the prophecy was false because it did not come to pass. But they would be wrong.

After God created man, man became so evil that the Bible says, “And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.” (Genesis 6:6, KJV). This means Jehovah was sorry he made man. God can change his mind. I am not saying that is what happened in the Trump situation. But if he wanted to, he can.

If you gave a prophecy that Trump would get a second term and it does not look like it’s gonna happen, hold the line and swear to your own hurt (Psalm 15:4) instead of back tracking or apologizing. There is more honor in that.

Let us have the faith of the three Hebrew boys:

God is able to do a miracle between now and the 20th of January but even if he does not, we will still believe in what he said — and trust God’s wisdom for why things turned out different than we had hoped. He is omniscient, and we are not. It’s okay not to know everything or have everything go our way.

His ways are not the ways of man. One of the reasons why Judas sold Jesus is because he was Zealot. He wanted his nation liberated from Roman colonial rule. When he saw Jesus and his miracles, he expected Jesus to subdue the Roman empire physically and liberate Israel. He knew the prophecy of the Messiah, but he and other Jews had determined how it must play out. He sold him to the religious leaders hoping Jesus would be forced to subdue the physical colonial masters. When he saw that Jesus did not resist, his heart smote him, he returned the money and then hung himself.

Many hear God and determine for God how he must carry out his word. In Jesus’ case, he truly did bring a kingdom greater than Rome to earth, but his was a spirit kingdom that came in the form of a small pebble that would grow until it became a huge mountain and take over.

Judas mistakenly interpreted the end as the beginning. God is not a man. His ways and thoughts are not that of man. We need the mind of Christ to operate from the mind of God. It takes staying in the spirit and not worrying about our reputations and what people will say if our words don’t pan out. Listen that is called the fear of man, and it brings a snare, noose, etc. We need the fear of God instead, and that is the beginning of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

If you are a believer, hold the line and pray for the will of God to be done! If you fear things may not turn out as you hope, adopt the mindset of the three Hebrew boys.

There is no need to make apologies or excuses. These patterns are not outlined in any page of scripture. Be strengthened, encouraged, and comforted. Jesus is alive and well and unperturbed by the happenings on earth. He is still in control. Have a blessed day.

Public Policy analyst, formerly consulted for organizations like the Kofi Annan chaired Africa Progress Panel in Geneva, Switzerland and the NRGI